Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club

Welcome to Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Aquatics

Experience our four heated pools and dive into the ultimate swimming destination in Harford County. At Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club, you’ll find dedicated lanes, free swim, lessons, and training opportunities. Swim in any weather, from a sunny 60° day to a snowy January, and enjoy the perfect spot for freestyle and flip turns.

Outdoor Pools

  • 25 yards of water, open all year long
  • Kiddie pool and splash pad open during the dog days of summer
  • Relax and enjoy food and beverage service

Indoor Pools

  • 25-yard lap pool
  • Temperature controlled
  • Open year round

Swim Lessons

Swimming is for life. With classes and lessons for little ones as young as six months, the certified swimming instructors at Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club know what it takes to ensure your kids are safe and confident in the water – all while having fun!

Class Schedules Coming Soon!


Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Swim School
Here at the Club, we believe in the philosophy “Drowning is Preventable.” By providing immersive swim instruction in a safe, controlled environment, our expert swim staff teaches kids how to be confident in the water. We employ a swim-float-swim philosophy for early childhood swimmers, because floating allows the body to rest while breathing, and it promotes better body position when ready to learn competitive strokes.

Masters Swim
Masters Swim is designed with the seasoned water athlete in mind. This program allows competitive swimmers a structured training program to keep your skills sharp while you continue to push yourself. Masters Swim is also ideal for the triathlete looking to log more miles before race day.

Private and Semi-Private Instruction
There’s no doubt tailored instruction can improve your techniques and strengths in the pool. Our qualified coaches can elevate your swimming skills through focused, consistent workouts–putting your goals within arms-length.

Summer Prep Clinic
This intense pre-summer clinic is the fastest, most effective way to get ready for the Harford Swim League (HSL) Summer season and participation in the Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Swim Team. The focused clinic challenges swimmers to learn as many stroke and breathing skills as possible in preparation for the summer season over the course of four weeks. Swimmers are separated by age, and practices are an hour long, offered multiple times a week.

High School Prep Clinic
Bel Air’s High School Prep clinic aims to get swimmers aged 13+ ready for the high school swim team season. Held in September and October, this program is part of the Club’s Gentoo group. Complete with USA registration to compete in local swim meets, the High School Prep Clinic gives your swimmer the extra structure and laps to stand out. Since 1995, The Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Swim Team has been the destination for some of Bel Air’s finest swimmers. The Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Summer Swim Team provides an exciting way to swim competitively against other swimmers in the Harford Swim League (HSL). Open to swimmers from 5 to 18 years of age.

Swim Team

The Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Swim Team offers an exceptional opportunity for swimmers of all ages and skill levels. Joining our swim team means becoming part of a supportive and enthusiastic community dedicated to the sport. Our experienced coaches provide professional guidance and training to help swimmers improve their technique, endurance, and overall performance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced competitor, our team offers a challenging yet rewarding environment where swimmers can push their limits and achieve their goals. We also offer regular meets and competitions, allowing swimmers to showcase their skills and measure their progress. Join the Coppermine Bel Air Athletic Club Swim Team and experience the thrill of being part of a dynamic and successful swimming program.