Bel Air, Maryland


658 Boulton St
Bel Air, MD 21014




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Dear Coppermine Customers, Friends, and our newest Families in Harford County!

Four weeks ago, we heard, just like most of you, that the Bel Air Athletic Club (BAAC) would be closing its doors today, February 16th.  Within a week, our team was invited to tour the massive 110,000 sq foot facility. The staff and customers were so welcoming and proud of their club and it was fun listening to the whispers asking if we were the ones looking to take it over. We could tell that this club meant a lot to the staff and clientele and what we experienced next put us over the edge.

After the tour and on our way to the parking lot, we met the sweetest BAAC member who was 93.5 years young!  She introduced herself and sheepishly asked, “Are you joining the club?” not knowing it may be closing. She began to tell us that this club held a special place in her heart and that she had been coming for a very long time. She shared that the BAAC had saved her life. She mentioned that she had lost her husband and had raised her six children on her own. She shared that without her friends and sense of belonging and community at BAAC she did not think she could have made it. In that instant we found our “why” behind acquiring the BAAC.

Sometimes the “why” is a gut feeling, or a 4 minute conversation in a parking lot with someone we just met. Sometimes the “why” is a desire to resurrect a good business, or to provide jobs and a sense of belonging in a community.  I made a silent promise to my 93.5 year old new friend that she would continue to have her rock, her source of strength and community. This is “why” Coppermine signed a letter of intent to take over the BAAC and be part of your community in Harford County.   This is “why” we will ask for you to support us on this journey.

We will invest $4,000,000 in this club over the next two years to rejuvenate the feeling our 93.5 year old friend described to us.  We will bring excellent programming and customer service to keep that sense of belonging and family at the BAAC.

The health club industry was severely bruised during the pandemic and it is slowly coming back.   However, most clubs across the country are still down 25% – 30% if not closed completely.   I respect the other clubs in the area who have found homes for the displaced BAAC members and I encourage anyone that has gone to a new gym to support them and bring as many friends and families along to support those small business owners.  For those of you who have not found a home yet, please give us 90 days to get this club painted, install new lighting, and bring in brand new equipment.  We will continue to invest in you, this club, and the community over the next several years.

We would like to offer anyone that is interested: ZERO INITIATION FEES, TWO MONTHS FREE, NO PRICE INCREASE FOR TWO YEARS, and a commemorative Coppermine “I saved BAAC” T-shirt.

Please fill out our “Help Save BAAC” electronic form. This will allow us to reserve your application with the special discounts. There is no commitment, we are simply trying to engage as many people as possible.  Please share this with your friends, family members, co-workers, and yes, your 93 year old parents or grandparents too!!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to being a valuable and meaningful part of Harford County.

Alex Jacobs