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Welcome to Timonium Aquatics

Coppermine Health & Fitness – Timonium offers year-round swim lessons and water exercise classes in our aquatic center. Our professional team of swim instructors make learning and progressing in the pool easy.

Increase your flexibility, endurance, cardio conditioning, and muscle strength while having no impact on your joints at Coppermine Health & Fitness – Timonium’s swimming pools!

Pool Schedule

Please click the button below for a Timonium Pool Schedule PDF.

Pool Birthday Parties

You can now host a birthday celebration in the Timonium Club! We are here to make your child’s special day one to remember with activities in the Kids Zone or at the pool. Wibit (inflatable obstacle course) available as an add-on!

Pricing dependent on party size.

Email to learn more or register

Group Swim Lessons

Our group lessons run in 6-week cycles. Swimmers will attend a half an hour lesson, one time per week for 6 weeks (there are also options for two times per week). There are never more than 5 swimmers per lesson and swimmers are broken up by skill level.


Members $125 | Non-members $150

Members $250 | Non-members $300

Parent & Child l Ages 6 months to 3 years
Advanced Parent and Child l Ages 2 to 3 years
Group Lessons l 3 years to 13 years



Session 1: January 8 – February 18
Registration opens: 12/11/23

Session 2: February 26 – April 7
No classes 3/31
Registration opens: 1/29/24

Session 3: April 15 – May 26
Registration opens: 3/18/24

Session 4: June 3 – July 14
No classes 7/4
Registration opens: 5/6/24

Session 5: July 29 – August 18 (3-week Mini Session)
Registration opens: 7/1/24

MAINTENANCE WEEK: August 19 – August 25 (Pool Closed)

Session 6: September 9 – October 20
Registration opens: 8/12/24

Session 7: November 4 – December 15
No classes 11/28
Registration opens: 10/7/24

Email us at
• Swimmers first and last name
• Home address
• Phone number and email


Level 1: Getting Comfortable

  • Submerge face for 3 seconds
  • Breath control (bubbles/breath holding)
  • 5 bobs
  • Supported front and back floats
  • Assisted pop-ins
  • Safety skills
    • Pool rules

Level 2: Floating

  • Hold breath for 5 seconds
  • Unsupported front float 5 seconds
  • Unsupported back float 5 seconds
  • Kick with support on front with face submerged
  • Kick on back with support
  • Pop-ins
  • Safety skills
    • Pool rules

Level 3: Kicking and Streamline

  • Streamline glide
  • Back glide
  • Streamline kicks
  • Back kicks
  • Sitting dive
  • Safety skills
    • Safety jumps
    • Back recovery
    • Treading 15 seconds

Level 4: Developing the Stroke

  • Front crawl
  • Back crawl
  • Swimming and turning over
  • Kneeling dive
  • Safety skills
    • Back recovery while swimming
    • Treading 30 seconds
    • “Reach or Throw, Don’t Go!”

Level 5: Rotary Breathing/Intro to Advanced Skills

  • Front crawl with rotary breathing
  • Back crawl
  • Standing dive
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Safety skills
    • Treading 1 minute

Level 6: Lengthening the Stroke/Advanced Skills

  • Front crawl with breathing 15m
  • Back crawl 15m
  • Breaststroke
  • Scissor kick
  • Dolphin kick

Level 7: Advanced Skills

  • Freestyle 25m
  • Backstroke 25m
  • Breaststroke 15m
  • Sidestroke
  • Elementary backstroke 25m
  • Intro to butterfly
  • Open turns

Level 8: Pre-Swim Team

  • Freestyle 50m
  • Backstroke 50m
  • Breaststroke 25m
  • Butterfly 25m
  • Competitive dive
  • Stroke pull-outs
  • Flip turns

Parent and Child: Water Acclimation

  • Assisted floats
  • Breath control (going under and bubbles)
  • Assisted kicking

Advanced Parent and Child: New Skills

  • 3 unassisted bobs
  • Walking
  • Supported kicking
  • Pop-ins
  • Reach and push off
  • Back float unsupported
  • Front float unsupported
  • Back recovery
  • Gliding


Private Lessons are one-on-one lessons with a swim instructor. Enrollment is ongoing and scheduling is based upon your preferred day and time and instructor availability. Ages: 2 years to 13 years. Includes six, 30-minute lessons: Members $225, Non-members $250.

Semi-Private Lessons offer a great alternative to group lessons. Semi-private lessons allow more individualized attention and instruction, plus schedule flexibility. Age: 2 years to 13 years. Includes six, 30-minute lessons: Members $155/child, Non-members $180/child.

Adult Private Lessons: Enrollment is ongoing and scheduling is based upon your preferred day and time and instructor availability. Age: 13 years and up. Includes six, 30-minute lessons: Members $250, Non-members $275.

If interested in a private or semi-private lesson, please submit this form:

Private Swim Lesson Form
Select 2 preferred days
Select preferred time range


Missed classes can be made up if the instructor is given at least 24hrs notice. Any classes missed without notice will not be rescheduled.

If both swimmers miss the class, and 24hrs notice has been given it can be made up. If only one swimmer misses the class will not be rescheduled. If 24hrs notice is not given the class will not be rescheduled.

Group Lessons
No make-ups will be given for missed classes. No credits or refunds will be issued in the event of a missed class. Classes can be prorated at registration for planned absences.


Offered year-round with rolling enrollment and flexible attendance. Coach Walt will provide complimentary evaluations for required skills and best placement. Each session is 45 minutes in length.


Advanced Swim Training for Kids: Designed for children ages 8-15, with intermediate or advanced swimming skills. This training is designed to get your child in peak performance condition for swim team, endurance training, and much more! Coaching includes instruction on all four competitive strokes, all seven competitive turns, and starts.
Stroke Clinic for Kids: Designed for children ages 6-12, with intermediate swimming skills. Coaching includes refinement of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Turns, diving, and an introduction to butterfly are also included.

PRICING (blocks of four sessions)
Members $110 | Non-members $130

Saturdays: 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm and 1:30pm (Additional days & times if needed.)

The small groups are run in the deep lanes and involve prerequisites. An evaluation is required and, if necessary, some private instruction to prepare the swimmer for baseline skills and stroke performance drills to set them up for success.

BOOK a complimentary consult or evaluation by emailing Coach Walt,, or by calling 443.610.3021.


ISR is the global leader in survival swimming lessons for infants and young children, ages 6 months – 6 years. ISR’s unique results are achieved through fully customized, safe and effective, one-on-one lessons with only your child and the instructor in the water. What your child will learn, and the way he or she will learn it, is what makes ISR so different from traditional swimming lessons. Always putting safety first, ISR emphasizes competence, which leads to confidence, and provides the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment in and around the water.

Questions? Email Teresa Coletti-Iacono,