Coppermine Bare Hills

Program Overview

As one of America’s fastest growing sports, it’s not hard to see why pickleball is taking off at Coppermine Bare Hills. A combination of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, pickleball is fun and easy to learn. It’s played on a badminton-size court, with a tennis-like net, and is played with paddles and a wiffleball.

410-823-2500 or pickleball@gocoppermine.com

Pickleball Open Plays at Bare Hills


Our Non-Competitive Open Plays are ideal for those desiring a recreational and social atmosphere for play. All levels and abilities are welcome.

Non-Competitive Open Play is open to everyone but players must have experience to participate. This is more social than competitive. We ask that people do not hit balls hard at one another at this Non-Competitive Open Play.

Call the club or register online in advance to preregister and prepay. Spots are limited.

Pickleball Private Lessons & Training

Prefer more individual attention to learn the sport or take your game to the next level? Private Lessons/Training are available to juniors and adults by our IPTPA, PPR Certified Instructors.

Email pickleball@gocoppermine.com to book.