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Program Overview

For our new tennis friends who want to learn basic fundamentals and improve hand eye coordination, body control and exercise fine motor skills, we offer our youth tennis classes. Developing players will thrive through repetition and match play while building self-esteem and confidence. Elite players will compete within our high-level clinics as well as compete for our USTA Junior Tennis Team. Adults can choose from private lessons, clinics, leagues, and tournaments in addition to other fun, social events.

Offered at the following locations

Coppermine Bare Hills
Bare Hills
Coppermine Pikesville

Junior Programs

4+ Years

Adult Programs

18+ Years


Youth & Adults

Tennis Junior Programs

Coppermine is thrilled to make learning tennis simple, safe, and fun. Whether it’s your child’s first experience with tennis or they’re experienced on the courts, our fun, high-energy co-ed junior tennis programs aim to bolster your child’s overall growth and development while building a love for the sport of tennis.


Our Junior Tennis Programs run in 8 week sessions. Click Here for our session calendar.

February Clinics Benifiting Women's Sports Foundation MAIN PHOTO SQUARE


Coppermine has partnered with WSF for the month of February and are offering our community a few select one day clinics! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to WSF! All clinics are co-ed unless listed otherwise.

Pickle Ball Mother / Daughter Round Robin | Ages 13 – 16
Coppermine Health & Fitness – Bare Hills. 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.
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Girls Round Robin Tennis with Morgan State University Girls Team | Ages 13 – 16
Coppermine Health & Fitness – Bare Hills. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
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4 – 6 Years
Aces introduces beginners and advanced beginners to the core tennis strokes in a fun, focused, high-energy environment. Each class will focus on agility, balance, and coordination while working on basic catching, throwing, and hitting skills through the Quick Start method. With each session, Aces will improve their understanding of tennis as well as cultivate their love of the game.

10 Years and under
The All Stars program is invitation only for our most talented 10 and under orange ball players. This program is geared toward our serious players with aspirations of playing competitive USTA tournaments.

7+ Years
Learn the fundamentals of tennis focusing on forehand, backhand, volleys and serves with challenging drills and fun games while retaining an understanding of tennis fundamentals and techniques.

10+ Years
Junior Competitive is for advanced beginner and intermediate tennis players who are ready to start having competitive rallies. As we continue to work on stroke mechanics, players will develop a sense of shot selection and improve their decision-making during situational play as they build confidence on the court.

11+ Years
Junior Advanced is for intermediate players who are in middle or high school. Players will improve their skills as we fine tune their technique, introduce advanced stroke mechanics, and develop a sense of shot selection. We introduce players to competition as we prepare and guide them to start playing Junior Team Tennis and Tournaments.

12+ Years
Coppermine provides a multitude of options for high-level tournament players. Our top-notch Academies and Pros help players reach their maximum potential through small group practices focused on tactics and match play that develop the mental toughness needed to succeed at the highest level. Our Junior High Performance programs are by invitation only and include: JETT Junior Varsity (JV), JETT Varsity, JETT State.

10+ Years
Match Play is targeted towards tennis players 10+ years of all ability levels. Our teaching curriculum is based on the USPTA player development program with focus on match play skills and proper tennis technique.

10+ Years
The most important shots in tennis and the least practiced. Players will focus on specific techniques to improve spin, power and placement to their serves and returns. This clinic will help your match play and will get your game to the next level.

Tennis Adult Programs

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned competitor, Coppermine offers a wide range of tennis programs taught by our top-notch USPTA/USPTR professionals who provide drills that focus on different areas of the game to include but not limited to volleys, serves, ground strokes, conditioning, and footwork. Please note that all of our adult tennis clinics are open to those ages 16+.


Our Adult Tennis Programs run in 6 week sessions. Click Here for our session calendar.


ALL LEVELS (Rating 2.0+)
16+ Years
Improve your tennis game while getting a great workout! Our top-notch pros will focus on different aspects of the game each week. Meet new members and playing partners while having fun on the Court.

BEGINNER (Rating 2.0+)
16+ Years
This class is perfect for those new or re-entering the game of tennis. Over the course of a session, players will develop rally skills using a proven progression that maximizes hitting time using slower and lighter balls and smaller court sizes that lead to confident play on a full size court. The goal is for everyone to develop confidence and learn basic skills to serve, rally, score, and understand doubles positioning and play all in a fun, friendly, active, and encouraging environment.

16+ Years
Designed to cover fundamentals and techniques for all strokes in tennis (forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads, and serves) players will learn the importance of the rally and keeping balls in play as well as basic footwork patterns of movement. The goal for this class is to rally with a peer at a slow to medium pace.

INTERMEDIATE (Rating 3.0+)
16+ Years
Focusing heavily on stroke mechanics, rallying skills and net play, you’ll work on your technique and footwork while also learning to hit the ball with depth, direction, and control at a medium pace.

16+ Years
Focusing on stroke mechanics, rallying skills, and net play (singles and doubles), players will concentrate on their technique, contact points, and footwork as well as learn to hit with directional and depth control at a faster pace.

ADVANCED (Rating 4.0+)
16+ Years
Improve your fitness and tennis game while combining fast-paced advanced doubles drills and point play. This is a great opportunity to practice volleys, groundstrokes, and court positioning all while getting in a great workout.

16+ Years
Coppermine offers a number of Specialty Clinics which focus on a particular aspect of the game to include but not limited to Serve, Stroke, and Doubles Strategy.

CARDIO TENNIS (Rating Varies)
16+ Years
This high energy USTA-driven class combines tennis with a heart-pumping, full-body workout. You’ll be on the move for the duration of class, with 1v1 of repetition, putting you in full calorie-burning mode. Make Cardio Tennis part of your weekly routine and your fitness will improve in no time!

LIVE BALL (Rating Varies)
16+ Years
Live Ball is a fast paced, high-intensity, action-packed drill which works on all aspects of your game. You will improve your approach shots, volleys, overheads, passing shots, and offensive and defensive play. No serves and returns involved to keep the play non-stop the entire game. Come step your game up with Live Ball!

MATCH PLAY (Rating Varies)
16+ Years
A fun and competitive 2-hour doubles match play session for varying level players looking for playing time on the court. The round robin format varies from week to week. Signups are on a weekly first-come-first-served basis and reservation are made ONLY by emailing your respective location. For Bare Hills (Rating 3.5+), email Don at For Pikesville (Rating 2.5/3.0), email Laura at A 12 player (6 teams) maximum every week. You can sign up individually or as a team.


USTA Tournaments for both youth and adults at multiple skills levels. Upcoming tournament schedule coming soon.


Tennis Tournaments Kids