Coppermine Lacrosse Club provides an exciting year-round opportunity for players looking to grow, develop, and evolve their game. What we’re looking for:

Being coachable is one of life’s most important skills and attitudes. The Coppermine Lacrosse Club takes great pride in having and developing players who are coachable. We look for active and attentive learners who value instruction. We look for disciplined players who implement feedback quickly. And, most importantly, we look for players who aren’t afraid to fail as they try new actions to get improved results.

Commitment encompasses an athletes desire to improve themselves and their team. We look for athletes who are aware of their current performance levels and are able to develop specific, detailed plans for attaining their goals. We desire athletes who are highly committed to their goals and to carrying out the daily demands of their training programs.

A positive attitude is a must to be a part of the Coppermine Lacrosse Club. We look for players who view lacrosse as an opportunity to compete and learn from their individual successes and failures. We look for athletes who pursue excellence, not perfection, and are committed to their coaches, teammates, and the process, not the outcome.

Speed transcends far beyond acceleration. While speed in and of itself is a benefit, we look for and develop speed in all areas of the game to include decision making abilities.

2022-2023 TRYOUTS

Play at the next level; join the Club! Tryouts for Coppermine Lacrosse Club are just around the corner. Girls ages 7+ are invited to join us this summer to experience the difference at Coppermine.

Choose from one of three hubs:

WEST TRYOUTS (Carroll County)
Coppermine 4 Seasons
June 27-28, July 8, July 21-22

Coppermine Norris Field
July 11-15

NORTH TRYOUTS (Harford County)
The Millstad Center
July 11-15

Our year-round programming includes weekly practices, sports performance training, opportunities to compete (games and tournaments), and recruiting showcases and expertise (for our high school athletes).

Questions? Email Deanna Sandstrom