honor the game and demonstrate respect

Code of Conduct

Coppermine Lacrosse is dedicated to providing its participants with a quality lacrosse experience that combines a high level of personal and athletic skill development with the opportunity to demonstrate attitude, skill and ability through a series of scheduled competitions with outside programs. In its efforts, Coppermine Lacrosse is committed to preserving the honor of the game and the true spirit of competition.

To help fulfill its mission, Coppermine Lacrosse expects that all participants abide by its Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion from the program without compensation or refund.

1. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that honors the game and demonstrates respect for other players, coaches, officials and spectators.

2. Performing, permitting, encouraging, or condoning actions that are dangerous or demeaning to a player, coach, official or spectator is unacceptable.

3. Participants are not permitted to be in the possession of or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco products at any time.

4. Participants are expected to wear all of the necessary and required equipment for participation in lacrosse.

5. Participants are expected to report any and all injuries to a member of the coaching staff or event medical staff.

6. Participants are expected to treat all Coppermine Lacrosse facilities and equipment with respect.