Journey to 100 Years!

Coppermine Meadowbrook

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Meadowbrook is currently celebrating its’ 95th year as the premiere aquatic destination in Central Maryland! Join us as we Journey to 100 Years.

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Meadowbrook was built in 1930 by the George Morris Company in the Mount Washington on land purchased from the Mt. Vernon Woodberry Cotton Duck Company.

Opening May 30, 1930, Meadowbrook became a showplace for diving and swimming competitions and exhibitions given by and including such notables as Buster Crabbe and Olympic swimmers Ralph Flannagan and Margaret Hoffman. Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is known to have spent many afternoons on Meadowbrook’s white sand beaches with his wife Zelda and their daughter, Scottie.

In May of 1944, the elegant wooden structures built in 1930 went up in an unexplained fire. The next year, 1945, saw the first of only three ownership changes in Meadowbrook’s long history. Edith Stieber and Frank Roberts bought the pool and surrounding lands from the George Morris Company. Fred Stieber, Edith’s husband, had long been a fixture at Meadowbrook as a local and national caliber diver, as well as an outstanding lacrosse player for the Mt. Washington Club.

By the 1980’s after floods and almost 60 years of summer wear and tear, Meadowbrook was in need of some serious renovations and improvements. North Baltimore Aquatic Club founder and coach Murray Stephens had been renting the pool to work out his national and international level swimmers. In 1986, Murray and his wife Patricia made an offer to purchase Meadowbrook.

The Stephens long dreamed of a facility which could be used for competitive swimming while developing a recreational space for families and providing spacious and convenient lap swimming opportunities in one location. Ground was broken in December, 1994 after the site had been cleared for an indoor aquatic and fitness center to complement the outdoor pool.

An official opening took place in September 1995.  The merging of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and Meadowbrook from 1987 to 2009 made the club synonymous with Olympic swimming success. U.S. Olympic and Paralympic swimmers trained at Meadowbrook won dozens of medals at international competitions, including Anita Nall, Beth Botsford, Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, Jessica Long and Becca Meyers.

The final major modification, the construction of a 2800 square foot children’s recreational pool was initiated in 1997 and completed in June of the same year. In 2022, the tennis courts were replaced with six pickleball courts.

In 2024, the complex was purchased by Coppermine, which had become immediate neighbors of the pool, owning the former Meadowbrook Ice Club and Norris Field. Coppermine Meadowbrook looks forward to the 100th anniversary of the club beginning in 2029 with the celebration of the club’s 100th Summer season.